The Do’s and Don’ts of Job Searching While You’re Still Employed


Searching for a new job in Toronto can be a time-consuming process. There is a world of opportunities at your fingertips, and the excitement of taking on a new challenge can sometimes become a distraction from your current position. Switching directly from one job to another is the best way to make a change without any temporary financial setbacks, but there are a few important things to keep in mind.

DON’T abuse your current employer’s resources

You have several obligations to your current employer and there are certain expectations in place as to how you will use your time, technology, and intellectual property. Don’t blur those lines, even if you’re feeling slightly less committed to your current job.

Avoid job search sites during company time, even on your lunch break if it’s through their internet connection. You never know if your activities are being monitored, and spending too much time searching for greener pastures could land you in hot water.

DO maintain your reputation and dedication to your current job

Most of us hold ourselves to a high standard when it comes to our expectations as a professional. Performing at the top of your game is precisely what you need to earn a good reputation. Particularly if you are planning on making a move into another company in a related industry, you owe it to your employer and to yourself to maintain your personal best right until it’s time to pack up your cubicle. You never know when you might need a glowing reference, or perhaps have a change of heart down the road.

DON’T broadcast your job search on social media

If you think no one’s listening, you’re wrong. Whether it’s beefing up your LinkedIn profile or asking around within your network, be cautious of what you are saying and who might be listening. Even if you don’t share any immediate connections with your employer or coworkers, it’s better to err on the safe side than run the risk of jeopardizing your position before you’re ready to make the leap.

DO make connections within your professional network

Making positive connections should always be a priority, not just when you’re desperate for a change of scenery. If you actively update your LinkedIn, or attend industry-related events on a regular basis, no one will second guess if your intentions change and your networking activities take on a more meaningful approach. You never know who might be looking for someone with your skill set, and your next big Toronto job opportunity could be one simple connection away.

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