4 freelance and part-time jobs that pay surprisingly well


If you are a job seeker trying to find your way through the challenging maze of Toronto’s competitive job market, you know that finding a good full-time job may not be an easy task. For many, taking on part-time jobs and dedicating any free time off from their job search to do freelance work is a sensible solution to make ends meet, explore other career interests, and gain valuable work experience that can help beef up that resume.

If you’re on the look-out for some extra income, job flexibility, and the opportunity to set your own hours (and perhaps your own compensation structure), then you may want to consider doing part-time and freelance jobs. Below are four part-time and freelance jobs that pay better than you think!


This is a great work opportunity for those who are bilingual or multilingual. If you are a people person with excellent communication skills, and you are fluent in another language, consider working as a translator.

French translators and those with a degree in language or communications will be the luckiest in this department. Translators can earn an average pay rate of $25 an hour.


Were you a straight-A student in school? Do you enjoy teaching and nurturing children and students? Does seeing someone else succeed motivate you? If you said yes, then put your study skills to good use by serving as a tutor. There is a big demand for tutors, especially in challenging courses like calculus and physics.

Most private tutors available online generally charge about $25 an hour, but depending on your level of expertise and service, you can earn a range of $30-$50 per hourly session. Keep in mind: your income may be lower if you decide to work under a tutoring company.


Remember that friend who served as a bartender during your college or university days to help pay for tuition expenses? Well, it’s no surprise because bartenders can earn quite a bit in wages and tips.

If you enjoy the busy social scene and can masterfully mix drinks at the nightclub, then bartending will be a great role for you. Taking a server training program like Smart Serve is a good investment if you’re interested in joining the bartending world.

Music teacher

Ever see those posters up on the posts along the sidewalk that offer piano and guitar lessons? If you’re an expert musician, you might just get lucky because music pays big. Depending on your level of expertise and the students you get, you can earn anywhere from $20 to $100 per hourly session.

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