3 ways to avoid the work funk


It’s happened to most of us. The excitement begins to taper off at your place of employment. The adrenaline rush from the busy day-to-day activities is slowly fading, and now you start to feel that familiar anxious itch. That nagging sensation indicating that perhaps things are beginning to stale for you.

Sometimes the work funk is unavoidable during down times, but it should never feel like an impossible slump that cannot be overcome. How do you keep your experience at work fresh?

Join a committee

Many workplaces have committees that you can join. It’s a great way to take on extra responsibilities, and an even better way to meet new people around the office. Social, health and safety, corporate sponsorship, and management committees can even provide opportunity for you to expand on resume-worthy skills.

Have a love for organization? Maybe spearheading the office work party would help you in nurturing your passion for planning.

Join an office team

Nothing beats team-building quite like building a team, literally. Big fan of baseball? Soccer more your style? Check with your coworkers to see if there are any existing teams already in progress. This is also another golden opportunity to take the lead in organizing a team which highlights your leadership skills both in and outside of the office.

Not as athletically enthused? No problem. Why not try your hand at organizing a trivia team instead? There’s also a plethora of community days or volunteer opportunities that you might be able to rally your colleagues or company to support, like charitable races or food drives. Being the steward behind such corporate citizenship might be just what you need to help you reinvigorate your rhythm at work.

Job shadow

If you enjoy the company you work for and love your colleagues, but you’re less enthusiastic in your current position, see if there are any opportunities available that will allow you to explore other positions. Many companies offer secondment, which would allow you to take part in a new role for a certain period of time to see how it fits.

Reporting to a different manager or department, working with new team members, and taking on more responsibility are all benefits provided by this particular option. It’s a great way to expand your knowledge on the internal workings of your company, which can offer invaluable perspective on how you yourself fit within it.

Alison McGregor is a marketing and communications professional, baking addict, travel junkie, and bourbon aficionado. She is based in Toronto, Ontario.

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