3 Reasons Why Finding a Mentor is Good for Your Career


We all have career goals we want to achieve – land our dream jobs, become leaders, start up a business, etc. It is uncommon to know what you want to do and be able to guide yourself to that point without any help. For the rest of us, we go through each day and job hoping to see a clearer way forward that leads to what we want to achieve.

Over the course of your career, you will come across and meet many people in various stages of their careers who bring their own experiences to the workplace. Developing a relationship with someone who can mentor you is a powerful strategy for your own career and personal development. These relationships do not develop overnight but everyone should aim to find mentors in their careers.

Here are 3 reasons why finding a mentor can set you apart.

Great advice and experience to draw from

Mentors know what it is like to be you in your spot and can help you determine how to move forward. They have lived through the good and the bad in their careers, and are uniquely positioned to council you and help focus your career goals and the path you want to take. Depending on the relationship you develop, this knowledge can extend to include life experiences and how to become a better person away from the office.

Career mentors are interested in your development

A good mentor will see your career development as a positive and push you to expand your knowledge and opportunities. They will also hold you accountable and offer an honest assessment in how you can improve. They actively encourage and support you in whatever you choose to do. They are your biggest cheerleaders and a great source of confidence when you are unsure – and there will definitely be times when you feel unsure about yourself and your skills.

Help those who come after you

We all have skills and strengths that got us to where we are in our careers. When you find your mentor and they help you achieve your career goals, you should get involved and help those who have come after you. This reinforces your own skills, and the great advice you received, and you get the satisfaction of helping someone set their career path and achieve their goals.

If you want to make the most of your career, start developing relationships with individuals you would like to learn from. You will be better off for taking the lead and an interest in developing your career and becoming a better person. If you’re lucky enough, these relationships can evolve into great friendships, and that is when you have to pinch yourself because it means so much more when your mentor becomes your friend. Set yourself and your career on the path to success: go find yourself a mentor.

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